PaperKrane Shoes - the true test!

August 23, 2022

PaperKrane flexible shoes leave your feet free to flex

PaperKrane Shoes logo

In June this year we received our first delivery of the bold, bright barefoot shoes from a fantastic Australian company, PaperKrane.

Confession: we (I, Kirsten) have a real weak spot for unique barefoot shoes. I can't help it. Having fun, comfy, foot-shaped shoes on my feet makes me happy! How could you resist these brilliant boots? I love their wide toe boxes, and flexible soles. I love the sturdy materials. Most of all, I love the colour.

PaperKrane Jewel Chic Rainbow Boots at Hoopla Kids

My three Hoopla Kids saw these shoes and insisted that they get a pair each. Handy testers, I thought! Let's see how the shoes go with my busy family. Lachie and Sammy both chose the Jungle Shoes in black leather with camouflage soles. Here's a wee video of how the shoes handled a month's worth of heavy duty wear.

PaperKrane Testing Jungle Shoes

These kids are hard on their shoes and have known to wear through them in a few weeks.

So far these shoes have played football in the mud, disc golf in the rain, they've been wet and dry multiple times, ridden the Old Coach Road cycle trail, played basketball, football tennis, as well as everyday life on small feet. We are super happy with how these shoes are holding up and how much they are loved by the kids. They’re still comfortable, flexible and looking good.

If you’re looking for an awesome pair of barefoot shoes for your tamariki, we highly recommend having a look through the SHOE menu on our website at our collection of PaperKrane shoes.

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