Re-Loved Terms and Conditions


All clothing sent in must be freshly laundered and ready for a new owner.

Once sent, all re-loved clothing becomes the property of Hoopla Kids. Hoopla Kids will act responsibly and ethically with all clothing, aiming to keep this process as open and transparent as possible.

re-loved clothing can’t be returned or exchanged if you change your mind or you’re not happy with your purchase. re-loved clothing can totally be sent back for re-listing again, following the same process.

Hoopla Kids reserves the right to review and/or change clothing category grades and make adjustments to any listing at their discretion. The sale and credit prices are non negotiable.

Hoopla Kids also reserves the right to remove any re-loved item from sale entirely and/or give away any unsold clothing. 

Items sent to Hoopla Kids for re-loved are sent in at your expense, and Hoopla Kids is not responsible for any items misplaced or undelivered by post.

Hoopla Kids will process re-loved items for listing weekly on Wednesdays and/or as quickly as possible.


Our re-loved collection is made up of 3 easy grades; Play Condition, Good Used Condition, and Like New Condition. Each grade has a set sale price, and a set credit amount. Here's how the grades break down...

Play Condition - suitable for play, since you won’t care about the marks already on it!
Credit: No credit given, sorry about that. Sale price $5

Good Used Condition - worn, faded, all components still in great shape with no stretching or thinning.
Credit: $5 credit given per item. Sale price $10

Like New Condition - my kid grew out of this so fast they never had a chance to use it much…
Credit: $10 credit given per item. Sale price: $15


Once we receive your clothing, we'll process it and list it online.

We'll assign any credit to your email address and send you a gift code to use on any future orders at Hoopla Kids.

Credit can be used on all future orders.


Hoopla Kids Limited reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.



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