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Plae Shoes Size Chart

All sizes published on our website are US sizes. Please note that size availability varies by style. Make sure to refer to our kids’ shoe size conversion chart below if you have any questions about your child’s foot length and the corresponding size in European, or UK sizing.

If your child has a fuller foot or a higher instep, you may need to go up a tab size. If your child has a very narrow foot or low instep, you may want to go down a size. If you require different tabs please email us.

How should I measure my child's feet for the best fit?

We know how challenging it is to get the right fit. Just measure the length of your child's foot and match it to the cm size on the chart below. To be doubly sure, you can use the Plae Shoes Fit Kit!  Ensure you print the sheet at full size, with scaling off!

Still got questions about fit? No worries, just send us an email.

What about orthotics and AFOs?

We've had many enquiries about whether plae kids shoes will work with orthotics and AFOs. The unique design and engineering of plae shoes and interchangeable tabs allow for accommodation of orthotics and AFOs. A wider shoe opening allows for easy entry. The insoles can be removed, and a wider toe box gives you that extra needed space. The interchangeable tabs (velcro straps) come in different lengths including extra-long to allow for a custom fit.

5 21 4 12
6 22 5 13
7 23 6 14
8 24 7 14.6
9 25 8 15.5
9.5 26 8.5 16
10 27 9 16.5
10.5 27.5 9.5 16.8
11 28 10 17
11.5 28.5 10.5 17.7
12 29 11 18
12.5 30 11.5 18.5
13 31 12 19
13.5 31.5 12.5 19.3
1 32 13 19.7
1.5 32.5 13.5 20
2 33 1 20.6
2.5 34 1.5 21
3 34.5 2 21.6
3.5 35 2.5 21.9
4 35.5 3 22.2
4.5 36 3.5 22.8

* approx. foot length in cm



  • nat - back to school

    Check back-to-school kicks off your list with uniform styles that are loved by one and all—schools, parents, AND kids! Sleek but sturdy, they’ll earn an A+ in the classroom with enough support and protection to survive a whole year of playtime.

    Made from weathered full grain leather.

    Spot clean.



    Promotes natural movement by allowing for a free range of motion.


    Promotes natural movement by providing grip on loose earth without compromising contact on hard surfaces.


    Specially engineered sole follows the natural contour of a child’s foot – which is mostly cartilage.


    Interchangeable tabs come in S,M,L,XL sizes to accommodate instep widths and allows kids to mix it up and make it their own with different colour, material and print options.


    for when kids get dirty.


    Made in a solar powered, fair labor factory using recycled milk bottles (PET) and water- based glues.


    Protects both the foot and the shoe from toe drag.


    Removable ECO-ORTHOLITE® anti- microbial, anti-bacterial insole, made from castor beans, provides superior protection with renewable resources.

    *except mimo style

    **please note that washing full grain leather or decorative materials is not advised as it may alter the look or feel of the product. Colour or sparkles may fade with repeated washings.

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