Jewelchic Kicks - White/Rainbow (33 EU)


Size Guide
PaperKrane Size Chart


These size charts are specific to Paperkrane shoes, and may differ from your usual footwear so we always recommend you measure before ordering.

  • Measure BOTH feet. (Use the measurements from the longer one)
  • Look where those measurements fit within the "BEST FIT" column.
  • The BEST FIT takes into account having between 7mm - 12mm wiggle room in front of your toes. If your foot measurements are closer to the end of the "BEST FIT" recommendation, then we would suggest the next size up. 

If needing more detailed instructions on "How to Measure" please scroll down below the size charts.

PaperKrane Baby and Toddler Size Chart
PaperKrane Kids Size Chart
Paperkrane Big Kids Size Chart
Paperkrane Size Chart - Adults



Stand with feet on a piece of paper, and mark where the end of the longest toe/s are, and middle point of the back of the heel. 

Use a ruler to measure between those two points. (Use your longest foot measurement - Look at the "BEST FIT" column to see where the foot fits best.

* If closer to the end of the "BEST FIT" measurements then the next size up will be a better choice.

For most comfortable fit, aim to have up to 7-12mm of extra space in the shoe.  

If socks will be worn in the shoes, pop on the socks and then measure in the same manner. 

We include a width measurement across the ball of the shoe, this is a measurement of the FLATTEST part of the sole, so there is always more available space than stated, as the sole curves out and up giving your feet more room to spread. 

Paperkrane shoes also have a natural rubber sole that is able to flex with a foot, which helps accommodate feet that have more width. 

While the available length measurements are the same across all styles, the upper construction affects the fit and feel of the shoe.


JewelChic and PaperKrane have collaborated a second time to bring you these white leather velcro kicks, rockin' the same bold rainbow sole as the Jewelchic boots, with extra flair on the straps.


  • FLEXI SOLES - Natural rubber sole that packs a punch in the flex department, stitched sole.
  • Leather details and uppers.

Refer to the PK to find your closest fit - SIZE CHART 


  • To make cleaning your PKs easier we suggest treating with a waterproof stain protector first. 
  • FLEXI SOLES - Spot clean or wipe with a damp cloth - we don't recommend machine washing. 

Colours may vary from screen to screen, and pattern placement (if printed fabric) will vary from pair to pair. As with any item made from fabric or leather, wear and tear is part of the normal life of this item.


Paperkrane worked with fellow Melbourne designer, creative SOUL, and spreader of happiness, Megan Castran (AKA @JewelChic) on these beautiful SOLES!

These boots are part of Paperkrane's SOLES with SOUL line of shoes, supporting the Olivia Newton-John Foundation to discover kinder ways to prevent, treat and cure all cancers.

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