Hi, I’m Kirsten.

I’m Mum to three small people and wife to Andrew. We’re kept company by four chooks and a lovely ginger cat called Put Put. I’m a Piano Tuner/Technician. And I run Hoopla Kids, a small business specialising in fun, colourful, creative and practical kids clothing from Scandinavia.

The concept formed when I fell in love with the Scandinavian clothing as my husband and I, along with our 7 month old daughter backpacked our way through Scandinavia in 2012. We were given a Duns of Sweden suit and I had not seen anything like it before. It was full of colour and great images and was made from lovely organic fabric. As we explored I discovered more and more amazing clothing.

On our return home I became passionate about bringing these clothes to New Zealand for all to enjoy.

Visit my blog to read about Hoopla Kids behind the scenes. Its about life with small children, fun clothing, organic gardening and trying to live a sustainable lifestyle.

I hope you can find something at Hoopla Kids that will brighten up a little or big persons life or maybe some of my posts will inspire you to try something new or do something different.

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