Running a Forest Day

July 06, 2016

Running a Forest Day

This term I started a bush session at our local Playcentre. I've always been keen on being outdoors, but the bush session has given our pre-schoolers the opportunity to be outside in all weather one day every week.

I've come realise that everyone is much happier being outside and active. They needed no toys, just good waterproof clothing and an open environment to explore. As an adult, I came home feeling all the better for it as well.

The old Scandinavian saying "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing" indeed is true. In Scandinavia the kids must spend time outside each day even in the middle of winter when the sun hardly rises and the temperatures are below 0 degrees. It's part of their early childhood system. The key is good clothing.

I've seen our kids grow and discover through their free play in the bush. They've gained confidence and built relationships. They aren't afraid of the weather, they have embraced it with excitement.

Rain meant the stream had more water in it. More water in the stream meant more splashing and jumping. In fact, our rainy day was probably my favourite. Why? Because I was in the stream with them having water thrown at me!

So don't get cabin fever these school holidays. Invest in some long lasting and reliable rainwear for you and your little people and spend the time outside. Running, jumping, gardening and exploring. Skiing, biking or playing. You're kids will love it, and you'll feel better for it as well.

Acknowledgement: Photo by Rostak Outdoors and not taken at our Playcentre Bush Session.

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