Moromini's Tribute to Early Video Games + Frauline Prusselise Socks are Back

February 04, 2022

Moromini Autumn Winter 2022

Moromini's latest season is inspired by a sentimental tribute to the video games of our youth, but mostly to friendships, fun times, fighting spirit, teamwork and that rush of joy when you achieve your goal!

With nostalgic prints, like Original Gamer, and Arcade Hero, and subtle nods to our favourite Italian plumber and his mushroom kingdom with One Up and Level One. You're sure to take a walk down memory lane with this fresh take on retro gaming.

As well as printed organic cotton t-shirts and socks, the collection also includes striped ribbed pants and sweater, and solid ribbed socks for a splash of colour for your feet.

Moromini Arcade Game seasonal prints

As we head into Autumn, we've fully loaded the drawers with Fräulein Prusselise socks in brand new prints, as well as a restock of some of our favourites. 

We love Fräulein Prusselise for their colourful socks and range of fun, cute and quirky patterns. We've got sizes and styles for the whole family, from sneakers socks, to ankle and adult. Made in Europe using organic cotton, they're sure to knock your socks off.

Frauline Prusselise Sock prints

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