Mini Outdoor Expo with Rostak Outdoors

April 20, 2017

Mini Outdoor Expo with Rostak Outdoors

LET’S GET KIDS OUTDOORS without the worry of them being cold.

Rostak Outdoors & Hoopla Kids are passionate about the outdoors and love to see kids playing outside no matter what the weather. We’ve teamed up to show you the products which will keep your kids warm and dry all year round – wet weather gear and leather shoes.

Jana & Kirsten run various forest and bush sessions and over the years have learnt a few tricks for enjoying the outdoors with kids. Parents embrace the dirt! Our gear will keep them warm and dry.

Our products are European brands made from the highest quality materials and have been tested outdoors around the world.

To support our passion of getting kids outdoors, we will offer you somecombo deals on rainwear and shoes as well as some expo only discounts. Come and have a look, try on some gear and decide if your kids are ready for a day filled with adventure.

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Kids can play in the forest while you check out the products. Visit Horokiwi Forest days to learn more about the location - Horokiwi Forest Days

We look forward seeing you outdoors!

Kirsten & Jana

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