Baking with Helpers

April 25, 2015

Baking with Helpers

Something I learnt early on when I started Playcentre was how to do baking with little helpers. Generally speaking this involves quite an element of chaos, and mess, and in our house it usually ends with a flood over the bench and floor. And that was just baking with one. 

Now the time has come that I'm baking with two helpers at home. Standing on chairs at the kitchen bench there is somehow space for me and the food is edible at the end. Last week we baked carrot and walnut bran muffins. 

What a great activity to share with kids. On a good day I love it. The key I find is coming to grasp with estimation. Sometimes it takes a few scoops to actually get a cup of flour in the bowl. But at the end of the day for most recipes it's just fine. 

My kids have some important "rules" in the kitchen. The main one being "no fingers in the bowl when the beater is on". This is the most important reminder I make while baking as "tasting" at every stage of the way is apparently crucial. 

And when all is done there is mess. Usually all over the place. And that's when the flood starts. For some reason baking and playing with water go together. So while I finish up and start damage control The kids take to the sink. Pouring, stacking, washing ... Flooding!

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