When lemons come by the bag full . . .

February 13, 2015

When lemons come by the bag full . . .

I have a secret supply of lemons from a sunny town where the lemons grow like crazy. And sometimes when I'm lucky I get a shopping bag or two full of them dropped off by my brother in law.

So when lemons come by the bag full, I juice them! But there's more to juicing lemons than meets the eye. 


The juice I freeze in ice cube trays and store in plastic bags or containers in the freezer. Externally helpful and convenient. Next I grate the rind off the skins and freeze that in ice cube trays. But I'm left with a large pile of lemon skins.


Worms aren't so keen on bucketfuls of citrus so I avoid putting my bulk lemon peels in my compost bin. Instead I chop them to mulch in my food processor . . .


. . . And I lay them under the pine needle mulch around my blueberry plants. Blueberry plants like the soil more acid than other plants so the lemon skins are put to good use.

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