Surviving Dinner Prep

May 18, 2016

Surviving Dinner Prep

With three kids under five years old, dinner prep is either a matter of superb organisation in advance, or survival. I live mostly in the later, although sometimes I manage to run like a well oiled machine.

When I don't, how does survival roll? The virtual babysitter is still in hiding so instead, often I embrace my team of helpers.

Tonight, Hoopla Kid One was so keen to help out that she was up at the bench begging for something to do. She decided that we could have carrot and cucumber with our dinner. Out the veggies came, then the knives. She even washed a second knife for her brother. Up on chairs at the end of the bench they stood cutting, eating, and cutting some more. It was a moment of calm. They weren't driving me crazy, and they weren't complaining of being hungry anymore. They even put their scraps straight in the compost bin!

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