Fix It Kit Instructions

Ready to repair your clothes? We've made it super easy with our Fix It Kits.

To use a Fix It Kit, you'll need...

  • Clothes to repair
  • Fix It Kit patches
  • An iron
  • Ironing Board


The Prep Work

Prepare your clothing item for mending by laying it flat on your ironing board, turned out the right way (as if the clothes were going to be worn), and with the damaged area facing up towards you.

Prepare your iron according to your machine's guidelines. Set the heat to an appropriate heat level for the clothing fabric you’re fixing, with the steam function turned on.

Before you iron your patch on, decide where and how you want to position your patch on the clothes. Keep the paper backing on the patch. The patch needs to be placed print-side up, fully covering the damaged area.

Happy with your plan? Let's get those clothes fixed.


(not a real sandwich, but you can do that too!)

Gently draw the edges of the mending area back to their original shape.

You don't need to be fussy, just enough to give the patch enough fabric weave to grip onto. You might need to gently manipulate the fabric to do this. For jeans, we recommend snipping off any loose threads that are curling or fraying as those loose threads can make it hard to get a good patch seal.

Peel the paper backing off your patch (but keep it handy!) and place your patch in position.

Make sure the mending area is smoothed out behind it. The fusible adhesive on the patch is activated by heat, so if you need to move the patch around a bit, or fix anything up, you can do that now by very gently peeling the patch off and re-placing it.

Insert the paper backing behind the mending area as a protective layer.

This might mean you need to put it inside the clothing, under the hole. For tiny or minor holes this probably isn't necessary, but it's a good idea as the paper will protect whatever is behind the hole from also sticking to the patch! Trust us on this one...

Now you have your 3-layer repair sandwich!

You should have the patch on top, then the clothing layer, and the paper backing on the bottom to protect the back.


Finish the Patch Mortal Kombat meme



Press your hot iron firmly onto the patch, holding it very still.

For cotton fabrics: steam press the patch for 30 seconds.
For other fabrics: adjust the fusing time accordingly.

Don't worry about overheating - Fix It Kit patches can take the heat!

Remove your iron and admire your work.

Let the patch cool, and test the edges. If it's loose or lifting, heat it again with the iron. You can also try ironing the patch from the reverse side of your clothing, covering the mending area with the patch backing paper so that the fusible adhesive doesn't stick to your iron.

Once the patch is stuck and cooled down, your clothes are good to go!
Put them on and enjoy.

A Further Note...

We expect that your clothing gets hard wear, and it's possible that with time your repair patch might curl at the edges, or begin to lift off as the clothing fabric is pulled when worn.

To fix this, simply pull out your trusty iron again and press the patch back onto the fabric. You can do this over and over again!

Long live your cool clothes.

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