Mr Miniscule and the Whale

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By Julian Tuwim

Illustrated Bohdan Butenko

This rhyming adventure tells the story of Mr Miniscule, a teeny tiny explorer with a BIG dream who sets off on the vast ocean in search of a big blue whale, only to find a big blue island. Or could he be wrong?

Mr Miniscule and the Whale is a timeless children’s classic known and treasured by three generations of Poles.

The stunning illustrations and humorous story will appeal to both young and old.

About the Author

Julian Tuwim (1894–1953) was one of Poland’s leading poets. He won fame not just for his adult verse but also for his rhymes for children, many of which are classics known to every Polish child. He also wrote satirical verse and loved word games, inventing palindromes (whole sentences that read the same forwards and backwards), lipograms (whole paragraphs that leave out a particular letter), and tautograms (sentences where every word starts with the same letter). Nobody knows if he ever set out to sea to see a whale.

About the Illustrator

Bohdan Butenko (born 1931) is one of Poland’s top illustrators, whose drawings appear in more than 200 children’s books. He is also famous for his animated cartoons – especially featuring Gucio the clumsy hippo and Cezar the sensible dog – as well as for his stage sets and television design. He has won many prizes, among them the 2012 Order of the Smile – a special medal awarded by children to adults who are particularly kind to them.

Book Information

Age 3 +
Format Hardback or paperback
Size 199 x 300mm
Publishing Date February 2014
Origin Holland
Language English
Antonia Lloyd-Jones
Exploration, adventure, whale, island, sailing

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