Forest at Night Grow-With-Me Leggings



Merle’s genderless designs are designed to just let kids be themselves!

Merle Kids grow-with-me leggings are designed to be super comfy and practical.  The extra panel at the crotch allows for maximum movement, while the very wide belly band insures that the leggings stay up up up without putting any pressure on little tummies. The bands at the belly and the ankles allow the leggings to grow with your little one. Just fold them over at first, and unfold them gradually as months go by! That way, the leggings can fit for a very long time.

Product information is printed on the inside of the fabric, so no scratchy labels!

Night time is a mysterious universe kids don’t get to see very often! This design is inspired by bio-luminescent mushrooms and plants. It features a forest ground filled with colourful mushrooms and magical flowers, a snail slowly making its way, a mouse eating its meal, and colourful moths.

Designed in Germany. Made under fair working conditions in Portugal.

100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

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